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Neighbourhood Watch

We fortunately live in a lovely village with very little crime but nevertheless occasionally we are victims, we still need to be vigilant and take extra care of our belongings and property. As member of Neighbourhood Watch keep an eye out for unusual activity and casually engaging strangers in conversation can deter them from committing crimes.

# Ensure you garden sheds and outbuildings are securely locked.

# Ensure your doors and windows are securely locked and the alarm set  whenever you leave the house.

# Ensure any security lights are working correctly.

# Leave some interior lights on preferably on a timer and a radio playing.

# If you are away invite a neighbour to regularly check your property and  maybe allow them to park a car on your driveway whilst you are away.

# Do not open your door to unknown people especially at night.

# Make arrangements with a close neighbour should you have a caller at  night to telephone them and ask them to check out the caller.

# Always use a safety chain until you have established who the caller is.

# Do not invite strangers into your house.

# Do not leave strangers at an open front door, close the door on them  whilst you fetch whatever it is they want. Be aware of distraction  burglaries.

# Do not disclose bank or building society details to anybody at the door  or over the phone even if they claim they are the Police or your bank or  building society.

# The Police, Banks and Building Societies will never ask for you account  details over the phone so do not disclose any of theses details even if  the caller claims to be from any of theses organisations

# Do not engage workmen unless they have been recommended or you  know their reputation. Always get a contact phone number and address  and if necessary seek advice from family or friends.

# Do not pay them in advance.

# Get your car checked before winter, always have a warm coat and a  rug in the car and be sure to have your mobile phone with you.

# Do not respond to cards through the door which invite you to call a  0900 number regarding a parcel which could not be delivered if you  do you will incur a hefty phone charge. Call trading Standards on:

 0845 511 0845

# Over Christmas be careful about disposing of packaging for expensive  presents such as computers, TVs and music centres as packaging is a  give away that these gifts are on the property.

There is a very useful Neighbourhood Watch Members Guide containing much more detailed and extremely useful information on personal and property security I have delivered a copy to all those registered with me as Neighbourhood Watch members.

Finally, not all of the village is covered by the current Neighbourhood Watch scheme if you wish to be involved, want a copy of the Neighbourhood watch Members Guide or even better become a co-ordinator for your immediate area please contact me.

John Woodward Sundial Farmhouse, Tel: 730543


Banbury Rural Neighbourhood Team

Banbury Police Station

Warwick Road


OX16 2AE

Internal: 7224543

0845 8 505 505

Neighbourhood Watch

John Woodward

Sundial Farmhouse,

Tel: 730543