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Children Of Wroxton -  C.O.W. Group


The COW group was formed in December 2004 by Sam & Grahame  Mitchell and Chris Jarvis & Lisa Davenport, who as parents of young children felt something needed to be organised for the youngsters of the village. The group is for  all children and grandchildren of Wroxton residents , aged 0 - 11 years (Year 6 primary and below). Our first Christmas party involved just 20 children, which had risen to over 40 !


The COW group ran on a purely voluntary basis, and was self funded, with the exception of kind donations .


We ran an annual Easter Egg Hunt, Trick or Treat and Christmas Party to allow all the village children and grandchildren  to meet up and have fun. Its was a great time for the parents to catch up too !


The old organisers have given up for various reasons after many years of service and since to date no replacement organisers have come forward nothing is happening.

If you have children, what about YOU!  Could you not with others get this running again?  Sam would I am sure be very happy to give you guidance on how start it again.