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Wroxton, Drayton & Balscote Gardening Club

Due to the demands on the village hall we will be moving the day of our meetings in 2012.

We will be moving from a Wednesdays to the 2nd Monday in each month.

New Members

We are always keen to welcome new members to our club and I am sure that you will find the group to be friendly and not at all “precious” about gardening.

We just enjoy our gardens for what they are and at whatever standard we can garden to so please don’t feel that you will be meeting people who are much more knowledgeable or expert gardeners.

If you would like more information on the club then please telephone Mo McInnes on 01295 268694.


February 8th 2016 Michael Brown "Death in the Garden"

March 14th 2016 Max Askew "Walled Kitchen Gardens"

April 11th 2016 Christine Vic "Growing and Using Herbs"

July 11th 2016 Strawberries and Cream Tea

October 3rd 2016 Coffee Morning Plants and produce sale

October 10th 2016 David Crop "Defensive gardening at the time of Climate Change"

November 14th 2016 AGM starts at 7pm. Richard Roslyn "Blewbury Manor through all seasons"

December 12th 2016 Christmas Party

Refreshment Rota

February 8th Delia and Trevor Pinfold

March 14th Jennie Leach/Ingrid Roberts

April 11th Susan Foster/Rita Nicholson

October 10th Linda Meadows/Andre Trembath

November 14th

Nancy Smith/Ros Sopp


2 half day and 1 full day visit to gardens of interest.

All talks start at 7.30pm except for A6AA.

Annual Subscriptions due November Non Members £2.50 per visit