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Wroxton is situated about 5 miles West of Banbury along the A422.  

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The population of the village is about 300.  It has a fine Church of England Parish

Church,  a Roman Catholic Church (one of the few thatched RC churches in England),

a Methodist Chapel with a most attractive interior and a Village Hall.  

There is a C.E. Primary School situated near the centre of this lovely village.  It enjoys

a reputation for being one of the best schools in the area with high educational

standards and a caring, traditional ethos.


There are 2 public houses both of which do food (though one is closed as the new owner wants to turn it into houses) and a hotel providing meals and accommodation


In the centre of the village there is a village green surrounded by stone cottages and a

pond complete with ducks.  


Wroxton Abbey, (now a branch of an American University), stands in beautiful

grounds which are normally open to visitors (no dogs though). For information on the

Abbey, please see the history section and also this link