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I know that this looks like me, but honestly, I am not that old!  Can anyone put a name to the shop proprietor and wife?

Tom Taylor sitting on the front of the horse in about 1909/10. Holding it was Tom’s father - Thomas Taylor who would have been landlord of the North Arms at the time. Behind Tom were his sisters Ida and Agnes.

Old Wroxton

Do you have any pictures I could add?

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Perhaps the mid 70’s.  Village residents? Anyone know?

Post Office when it was.

Blenheim Cottage

About 1940

Picture from the London Illustrated News of 1898 titled: “In the nineties the bicycle became fashionable.  American tourists in England.”

Its Mills Lane showing Raydon Hill Farm

Note the door where the spring enters

This clipping was in the Banbury Guardian about fifteen years ago and I (David Taylor) happened to be up at the Royal Show at the time and bought the paper. I looked at the picture and recognized the cart first and then realised it was me holding the pony. The cart was mine but I had a skewbald pony – Polly – that used to pull it. The pony in the picture was ‘Sam’, my brothers pony.

In the cart I recognize my sister Betty, Mark Cooke and I think, Julie Neville. As you can see from the picture, teenage attitude existed in the 60’s as well! Click Picture to enlarge

Barry Jakeman outside Abbey Farm Cottage where he lived.

Marsden Newman, and his family.  He was born at Wroxton in 1848, the son of Arthur Newman who was the gamekeeper at Wroxton Abbey.  The picture dates from about 1855 and was taken either at Wroxton or at  Lenborough  (Buckinghamshire.) where he was gamekeeper.  The boys were George, Herbert and Arthur.

(Picture and information from Chris Wright a ‘descendant)

Pictures below from Maureen Fullick (nee Palmer) are of Wroxton in the early 1900’s

What is this group - any ideas?

Who are these scouts?  Can any more be named?

The Pig Club.  Any ideas for other names?

This picture is about 1910 and shows Arthur Palmer (Maureen’s father.).  The man is Richard Palmer.  Both believed to be gardeners at the abbey.

From Maureen Fullick

“My Dad is the young man on the right side of the little sailor boy as you look at the pic. In the boy scout group he is on the extreme left in the back row and in the 'Pig Club' one he is third from the right in the back row.”

Left to right : Trevor Neville, Penny the dog,

Pat Taylor, Roger Taylor, Robert Denton.