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Proposed New Community Hall  and Sports Pavilion, Wroxton

Statement re New Community Hall & Sports Pavilion

At the time when a committee was set up originally to investigate the feasibility of such a scheme, the Parish Council assumed that they were Trustees of the existing Village Hall. It was deemed therefore that the Feasibility Group should then be a sub-committee of the Parish Council.

It has been established since that the Parish Council are not, in fact, Trustees of the Village Hall and therefore it seems logical that the New Community Hall and Sports Pavilion committee should no longer be regarded as a sub-committee of the Parish Council.

However it should be made clear that the Parish Council are mindful that the majority of the villagers who voted in the referendum were in favour of the scheme and therefore as the elected representatives of the parish, the Parish Council, will continue to support the committee in the future in any way it can.

Wroxton & Balscote Parish Council


The New Village Hall Committee has been changed to Wroxton Sports & Community Club under the chairmanship of David McNaught who has taken over the position from Chris Jarvis who has now become Vice-Chairman.

The Committee is active and pursuing all available options.  The Committee is made up of members who have different roles to play.  These include planning, fund raising, liaison with the Sports Club and publicity.

In due course when significant progress has been made a further report will be issued