Minutes are draft only, and are not yet approved by the Parish Council.




Jess Brown – Parish Clerk

Cllr. Suzie Bates

Cllr. Duncan Collins

Cllr. John Daly

Cllr. Mark Harris

Cllr. Miranda Ker

Cllr. Michael Robarts – Chairman

15 Members of the public

Apologies: Cllr. Nick Hodges, Cllr. Webb

12/17  Declarations of Interest: None

13/17 Minutes of the Parish Council Meetings held on Monday 9th January 2017 and Friday 20th January.

The minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on Monday 9th January 2017 were confirmed as a correct record and were signed by the Chairman.

Proposed: Cllr. Bates Seconded: Cllr. Collins

The minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on Friday 20th January were confirmed as a correct record and were signed by the Chairman.

Proposed: Cllr. Daly Seconded: Cllr. Harris

14/17 Finance

a. Financial Update - Copies of the bank reconciliations have been distributed to Councillors. The accounts were signed by Cllr. Robarts and Cllr. Daly in front of the Council.

Proposed: Cllr. Daly Seconded: Cllr. Robarts

b. Request for funds – Cllr. D Webb has requested a contribution of £200 to help fund the cutting back of the hedge/trees along the A422 between Wroxton and Drayton with a view to recovering the cost from Highways who have the basic responsibility for this essential safety measure. Drayton Parish Council has already agreed to a similar proposal. This request for funds was approved.

Proposed: Cllr. Daly Seconded: Cllr. Robarts

15/17 Discussions

a. Grass verge damage, Chapel Lane, Balscote: Cllr. Robarts reported that a complaint had been received from a resident regarding the state of the grass verges in Chapel Lane, Balscote, which have been damaged by farm machinery. Concern has also been raised regarding the speed at which the farm machinery travels. It was pointed out that the Parish Council does lack powers regarding any highways issues; as such Cllr. Robarts has been in touch with OCC Highways regarding these complaints. They have been out and assessed the situation and have suggested that cutting back the verge to widen the road might be an option. They are currently working out the potential cost of this work. Cllr. Robarts did also report a number of additional actions that residents could take that might help alleviate the problem:

- If residents parked on the left hand side facing up the hill, they would be able to park closer to the their properties, hence leaving more room for larger vehicles to pass.

- When the verge gets repaired, if residents then parked on the left hand side of the road going down

the hill this would protect the verge.

Cllr. Robarts has also agreed to meet with Mrs Kerwood to discuss an informal speed limit that all her farm vehicles would be encouraged to abide by.


b. Cherwell Local Plan: Cllr. Robarts reported that a public meeting in Wroxton was held on Sunday 19th February and was very well attended. It is still unclear a) when the next round of CDC’s consultations will be published, b) if any parcels of land within Wroxton will be included in this consultation or c) if at the end of the consultation, land within Wroxton will be allocated. It was proposed that the Parish Council should wait until the consultation is published before taking further action. This proposal was approved.

Proposed: Cllr. Daly Seconded: Cllr. Bates

c. Speeding in Wroxton: The proposal made by Glanville Associates to remove one of the street lights on the Stratford Road to overcome the legal impediment to the use of repeater signs and roundels painted on the road surface has now been presented to villagers in Wroxton. On the whole the proposal has been strongly supported by the villagers, with very few concerns raised. It was therefore proposed to commission the second part of the Glanville Associates study which will advise on the costings and procedures required to

complete this project. This proposal was approved.

Proposed: Cllr. Collins Seconded: Cllr. Daly

d. Balscote Trial Minibus service: Cllr. Harris reported that the free minibus trial has been running between Balscote and Banbury for best part of 3 months. With average passenger numbers around 2 or 3 it has been concluded that there is not significant, regular demand for the service. As such, it would be very difficult for the Parish Council to recoup the annual cost of approximately £1000 to continue to run this service. Cllr.

Harris pointed out that the Comet dial-a-ride service would be a more viable alternative. It was proposed that the weekly bus service trial is cancelled. This proposal was approved.

Proposed: Cllr. Harris Seconded: Cllr. Robarts

e. Oxfordshire Minerals & Waste Local Plan Consultation: Cllr. Daly reported that in this latest round of consultation there have been some changes to the Oxfordshire Mineral and Waste Local Plan, but none of the changes affect Ironstone Mining in the local area. The position remains the same, in that existing quarrying locations and current planning permissions are still valid, but the area is not earmarked for additional ironstone quarrying.

f. Parish Council Post Office Box: Cllr. Daly proposed that the Parish Council sources a Post Office Box for all Parish Council correspondence. This would mean that the Parish Clerk does not need to use their private address for correspondence and so there would be no disruption in post reaching the council if there is a change in personnel. This proposal was approved.

Proposed: Cllr. Daly Seconded: Cllr. Robarts

g. Parish Council E-mail addresses: Cllr. Daly proposed that a .GOV.UK Parish Council e-mail address is introduced for the Parish Clerk and for all Councillors; so that all Parish Council correspondence can be kept separate from Councillors private correspondence and that when Councillors leave the council their e-mail

correspondence is not lost from the Parish Council records. Individual councillors expressed concerns about having additional e-mail addresses, so it was proposed that a new e-mail domain would be introduced for the Parish Clerk and that individual councillors may also have Parish Council specific accounts if they wish. This proposal was approved.

Proposed: Cllr. Daly Seconded: Cllr. Robarts

16/17 Council Business

a. Review and update Standing Orders: Following the approval in the last meeting of the wording to govern the Parish Council’s use of the Action Group’s transferred funds, this wording (“To be used to offset any negative effects on both villages from quarrying, other than from the effects of traffic arising from quarrying”) has now been included under section 4.20 of the Standing Orders. The amended Standing Orders were signed by Cllr. Robarts.

b. Airwave Lease Renewal: – Cllr. Robarts reported that Airwave Solutions Ltd’s solicitors have now forwarded the proposed lease document. The lease document was approved in principal, although it was requested that an additional clause is added to ensure that if there is damage to the site fencing, the tenant is obliged to make the site secure again as quickly as possible.


17/17 Updates

a. Sale of Stone Pit 5: Cllr. Robarts reported that the Parish Council is expecting to hear from the Land Registry any day now. The sale should then be completed before the next meeting.

b. Wroxton Sports Field: Cllr. Daly reported that the Sports Club is now setting up a company to be the tenant of the Parish Council and the aim is to have the lease signed by 31st March 2017. Concern has been raised that the old pavilion is still remaining, as the planning permission conditions state that the existing pavilion should be removed prior to first occupation of the development. It was agreed that everyone would like the old pavilion removed, but that the Sports Club is still waiting for Western Power and Thames Water to disconnect utility services from the building before it can be removed. They are also waiting for the umpires’ area in the new pavilion to be completed so that equipment can be moved from the old pavilion into this area. The Sport Club offered assurances that the old pavilion will be removed as soon as possible.

Cllr. Robarts also reported that complaints have also been received about the amount of litter and dog mess on the sports field and pointed out that as a tenant of the Parish Council the Sports Club has an obligation to the village to keep the sports field in good order. Cllr. Daly reported that prior to the meeting he had requested further information about the volume and nature of these complaints, so that all Councillors are in possession of the same facts prior to any discussion in the meeting. As this information had not been provided, he abstained from further discussions on this topic.

c. Recruitment of a new Parish Clerk: On Thursday 2nd March three very good candidates were interviewed, an appointment has yet to be made.

18/17 Planning Applications

  17/00076/F Mr Robinson Alpha Cottage, Stratford Road, Wroxton Pending

  Stonework repair and restoration including repointing; replacement windows

  and one door.  

   17/00052/TCA Mr M Palin The Chantry, Stratford Road, Wroxon Pending

  T1 & T2 x Sycamore – reduce crown, T3 x Ash – reduce crown


   17/00056/TCA Ms E Pardoe The Old Pound, Shutford Road, Balscote Pending

  T1 x Leyland Cypree – Fell

   17/00358/LB Mr R Jacob-Lloyd Church Farmhouse, Shutford Road, Balscote Pending

  Removal of Gypsum plaster & Plasterboard on Ground Floor & first Floor…

  removal of wooden suspended floor in the inner hall.

19/17 Planning Decisions  


  16/00458/DISC Mr D Stead, Heathcote Farm, Shutford Road, Balscote Grants permission

  Discharge of conditions 3 (construction details) and 4 (elevation details) of subject to

  15/00753/LB conditions

   16/002247/F Mr D Whitton The Old Chapel, Chapel Lane, Balscote Application

  Regularisation of work not completed in accordance with planning permission refused

  09/01746/F  retrospective  planning  for  second  bedroom  on  first  floor.

  Retrospective subterranean extension to rear of the dwelling to form two

  bedrooms, shower room and storage room.

   16/002102/F Mr D Whitton The Old Chapel, Chapel Lane, Balscote Grants permission

  Regularisation of work not completed in accordance with planning permission subject to

  09/01746/F and retrospective planning for subterranean extension to rear of conditions

  the dwelling to form diningroom, shower room and storage room.


 16/02201/F Professor P Sharma Wroxton Hall, Wroxton Heath, Wroxton Application

Demolition of the existing dwelling house and erection of a new dwelling withdrawn

house incorporating ancillary accommodation. Erection of detached garage

with ancillary accommodation at first floor level

 16/02113/F Apollo Office Park, Ironstone Lane, Wroxton Grants permission

Provision of 10 no employment units together with associated car parking and subject to

landscaping provision conditions

 16/01966/F Mr Ian Haynes, The Old Cottage, Middle Lane, Balscote Grants permission

Removal of the destroyed and burnt element… reinstatement of the Old subject to

Cottage. conditions

 17/00018/TCA Mrs C Cherry Orchard Bank, Main Street, Wroxton No further

T1, T2, T3, T4, T5 x Poplar – pollard to original pruning point comments or


 17/00044/TCA Mr Dawnes, The Steps, Main Street Wroxton No Further

T1 x Holly (reduce crown, remove ivy), T2 x Thuja (reduce crown), T3 x Holly Comments

(remove secondary leaning stem

 17/00045/TCA Mrs E Jones The Steps, Main Street, Wroxton No Further

T1 x Plum – Fell Comments

 17/00046/TCA Mr C Bates The Steps Main Street, Wroxton No Further

T1 X Lawon – Fell, T2 x Spruce – Fell, T3 x Yew – reduce, T4xThuja – Fell, T5 – Comments

Laburnum – Fell

20/17 Clerks Business

a. Correspondence All correspondence circulated to Councillors.

b. Wroxton Cemetery – new double gates have been now fitted at the cemetery to replace the broken single gate.

c. Wroxton village gates – the gates at the entrance to the village have now been cleaned.

d. State of Wroxton allotment – a complaint has been received about the rubbish and discarded machinery at the allotments near Horley Path Road. These allotments are not Parish Council allotments, so the complaints will need to be forwarded to Trinity College, the landlord.

21/17 AOB -

a. Rural community policing priorities: Thames Valley police asked all Parish Councils to confirm that they are

happy with the Rural Community Policing Priorities which are: Parking particularly outside and around our

schools; Speeding and Anti- Social Behaviour. The Parish Council confirmed they are happy with these priorities.

a. Glass recycling bins on A422: These recycling bins are not properly serviced and so often overflow. There location also appears to encourage fly tipping into neighbouring fields. Cllr. Robarts is in discussions with Cllr. Webb to relocate the bins or have them removed altogether.

b. An enquiry was made as to whether the police have been carrying out speeding checks in Wroxton recently. It was confirmed that they have. It was also wondered if the police might be able to vary their location within the village when carrying out speeding checks. It was agreed that this question would be asked.

22/17 Date of the next Parish Council Meeting - To be held on Monday 8th May at Wroxton Village Hall, following the Annual General Meeting - 7pm start.

Meeting Closed: 9.05

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